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Researcher at a fume hood in a laboratory setting

4 Effective Strategies for Life Science Research Labs

For the past decade, BOND Building has played an instrumental role in building state-of-art facilities for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. This esteemed institution is where medical professionals provide world-class care to cancer patients and where scientists, through cutting-edge research, work … Read More

Avoiding Construction Angst: Ideas for a Better Start

Navigating through the uncertainties of a construction project is often a stressful experience for clients. Even for clients who build frequently, the challenges are enough to keep them up at night, maybe for many nights. Why the agita? For one … Read More

The Tech Advantage for Owners: 5 Questions with Chris Fogg and Olivia Gardner

Technology innovation is transforming the way we plan, manage risk, and build. Translating digital advances into tangible benefits for clients, however, is often missing in all the industry hype. We asked Chris Fogg and Olivia Gardner of BOND’s Integrated Services … Read More

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