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A Lean Approach – Reduce Waste, Add Value

At BOND, Lean construction is a way of life. BOND’s approach to construction revolves around streamlined schedules and costs that provide the best value to our clients. Our formal Lean strategies, including rigorous Pull Planning sessions and team colocation, serve to increase efficiency and eliminate waste.

BOND’s Lean process carries through the entire life cycle of the project. We believe that collaboration and stakeholder involvement during the planning and design phase mitigates project risk before construction begins in the field. We create the best project experience for everyone on a project – from clients to design partners and subcontractors.


  1. Identify Value: Understand and gain consensus on client priorities
  2. Organize Work through a Value Stream: Ensure all project team members are performing activities that add value
  3. Create a Smooth and Continuous Work Flow: Provide a streamlined process to speed project delivery
  4. Pull Planning Sessions: Methodologies that guarantee services, materials & labor are delivered on-time with minimal waste
  5. Continuous Improvement: Create a flexible environment, where continuous improvement is ongoing

BOND staff with subcontractors in front of a large flat screen TV looking at a schedule together for a pull planning session.BOND strongly believes in the benefit of Lean and for all types of Customized Project Delivery. We complement our Lean practices with our in-house Integrated Services Team.