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A Holistic Approach to Planning

BOND adds immediate value to our clients through our smart planning exercises during preconstruction. Project planning decisions have the greatest impact on cost, schedule and quality. That’s why we take a “holistic approach” to preconstruction, evaluating the total impact of each decision. We consider each component – whether it’s constructability, cost evaluation, schedule impacts, or procurement strategies – and determine if the end result aligns with our client’s goals.

Technology + Experience

Our formula for success is simple. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a highly experienced estimating department to support a practical, efficient, affordable, and buildable design. Our estimating systems and processes integrate with BIM software by extracting quantities from the model’s developing intelligence. We integrate Revit models with On Screen Take-Off (OST) to summarize our findings in WinEst and produce real time estimates. Digitized colored graphics in OST and graphics from the Revit model help to clarify and illustrate BOND’s assumptions and quantifications.

Partners in Cost Leadership

We strive to be “cost stewards” for our clients, acting as a partner to align project planning with financial goals. By listening to all the stakeholders involved – including owner, users, and design teams – we can offer valuable insights that help our clients prioritize scope, allocate funds, and achieve cost savings. By conducting comprehensive feasibility studies, we understand the cost drivers behind each project and offer creative solutions such as off-site prefabrication, alternative materials or sequencing, or market sensitive procurement strategies to realize best value.

Our comprehensive suite of preconstruction services include:

  • Alternative Options Analysis
  • Design Assist
  • Equipment and material procurement
  • Interactive scheduling
  • Lean contractor selection
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Logistics planning
  • Pull planning
  • Site Safety
  • Target cost
  • Value Informed Design