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BOSTON, MA – BOND, the Northeast’s premier building, civil, utility and energy construction firm, broke ground on a new building for the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) in Brockton, MA, which provides temporary income to Massachusetts workers who are unemployed and looking for a job. BOND will provide preconstruction and construction services for the new 35,000 square foot, three story office building.

“Today is a great day for downtown and a great day for Brockton,” said Moises Rodrigues, Brockton’s Acting Mayor. “This facility is part of the redevelopment that we’re looking at, the re-birth of downtown.

The $29-million project will be completed at 226 Main St. in downtown Brockton, a long-vacant site. BOND will carry out the demolition of the condemned existing three-story building and construction immediately adjacent to two existing buildings and a City of Brockton park area, adding a layer of complexity to the project.

“BOND is proud to play a role in the reinvestment of downtown Brockton,” said Frank Hayes, COO and President of BOND’s Building Division. “This modern facility in the core of downtown will help bring in new business, increase foot traffic, and raise Brockton’s profile.”

The new building will include a call center, offices, conference rooms, kitchenettes and storage. In addition to providing an innovative facility for a state agency, the building will serve to energize the surrounding area by bringing people and activity to a location with a number of business vacancies.

“This is going to be state-of-the-art,” said Robert Sullivan, Brockton’s Mayor-elect. “This is going to be beautiful; it’s going to be a pinnacle point in the city.”

The new facility will include daylight-adjusting illumination, raised floors to accommodate flexibility in power distribution, and white noise and sound absorbent baffles in the call center. The building will be a Massachusetts LEED Gold Plus certifiable building.

“We have put a lot of time into making sure we deliver the very best building for this city,” said Rick Jeffers, Director of the Department of Unemployment Assistance. “We feel very confident that the City of Brockton will be very proud of what we have done here.”